Final Countdown

Zara's challenged her boyfriend to see if he can beat the world record for holding his breath - he can't do it by himself so she decides to help him - with disastrous consequences!

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Deserve To Die

Zara's been hired by Alan's wife to kill him - just as she completes her mission, a friend of Alan arrives so she has to end his miserable life too

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Deadly Zara

We'd been hearing rumours that Sapper the webmaster of didn't think Deadly Females girls were very deadly so they challenged him to a competitive match against Zara - the loser to buy the winner and the whole DeadlyFemales film crew dinner - well thanks for a lovely meal Sapper, we all really enjoyed it - shame you had to suck yours through a straw ! Sorry this film is slightly shorter than usual but Sapper couldn't last a full half hour against Deadly Zara!

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Zara's Revenge

Zara's showing a prospective buyer round her house which she's trying to sell - when she shows him the bedroom he jumps on the bed and demands to have sex with her as part of the deal - she joins him on the bed but not for what he was expecting

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Wrestling Interview

Another in our occasional series of catfights - Zara's applied for a job as a lady wrestler but Lucy the boss says she's too short so they start fighting - will Zara be able to prove Lucy wrong?

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