Institute of Feminine Discipline

Coming Very Soon. A Trip To The Future...

The Institute of Feminine Discipline is set in a new age world of Female Supremacy and Discipline within the beautiful country of England in the year 2050. The country is now ruled by a cabinet of wise and unyielding Females, called the Board of Corrective Women. Their identity is kept a close secret from the world. Only the Board's Supreme Overseer, Miss Acacia, is known and any correspondence or communication with her is kept to written correspondence or by audio link.

The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) has passed a statute of 10 commandments by which all males must live. Breaking any one of them is dealt with by immediate application of strict corporal punishment by any and all women who witness such misbehavior, be it a wife, girlfriend, or a woman who does not even know the male. The Ten Commandments are a condensed version of the much more elaborate BCW Bylaws.

Throughout the country are several special corrective centers, where males with chronic behavior problems are sent. The Institute of Feminine Discipline is one such corrective centre. All centers are monitored via video, by the BCW, and we are fortunate enough to be allowed to share some of this video. Males are sentenced to time in the IFD via several different ways: Corrective Court Sentence, Wifely Decree, and if a male is registered as offical property of a woman, such as the old term 'boy friend', she can declare Significant Other Decree. There is also Sisterly Decree, Motherly Decree and the oft used all encompassing Womanly Decree. In short virtually any woman, using the correct channels, may send males to the IFD for a period of time.

The Board of Corrective Women has appointed Miss Amy Hunter as the strict Head Overseer of this Institute of Feminine Discipline. Miss Amy is often rumored to be a member of the BCW, but it is not known for sure. She is supported by two devilishly sexy women who love to tease and cause erections (thus forcing the male to break one of the commandments) and then spank him soundly for the violation. Miss Amy's Assistant Overseers are Miss Rebekah Dee and Miss Shay Hendrix.

You can expect to see themes of strict femdom spanking, ear pulling, mouth soaping, OTK spanking, Female supremacy, tease and denial, orgasm control, foot worship and domination and many other femdom themes but ALL using the natural beauty and sexiness of feminimity.

Expect to see male resistance however and lots of sore male bottoms as they do resist! Resistance in this new age world is organised by the MLF (Male Liberation Front) who are a banned organisation, the mere membership of will earn you 5 years in the Institutes care and discipline! And a mere mention of that name to Miss Rebekah will be taken as a direct challenge of her authority and earn the utterance a very sore smacked bottom!

Welcome to your life in the new world! Welcome to the Institute of Feminine Discipline!