Hard Birthday Spanking

Dont EVER Dare To Presume That You Might Give MISS ZOE A Birthday Spanking!

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It is Miss Zoe's birthday and her husband and servant Dave is late giving Her the perl necklace and that pony She has been expecting!  Impatiently summoning him to Her side he presumptuously suggests that he could perhaps give her a 'nice birthday spanking' for her birthday!  Miss Zoe is furious having none of it!  But shocked by Her response and coming round to the awful realisation that he has no other gift for her, he digs a hole for himself that is even deeper than it was by trying to give her a sewing kit that is in the office! 

Watch as Miss Zoe spanks the life out of this reprobate!  But She does not stop there as she begins to humiliate him by turning him into her sissy slave by using her make up on his face and commanding him to spank himself with his underpants on his head!  You can see how embarassed he is but when he then tries to smack her leg with the paddle it is time for even more hard spanking from his sexy young Mistress!