Disciplined Daughter In Law Part 1

Ms Dana Instils Some Family Discipline!

How does a husband deal with a naughty young wife who breaks the household budget with her constant trips to the mall? When Ms. Dana Specht's beloved son finds himself in this situation, he turns to her for guidance. She then proceeds to give his wayward bride a lesson in financial discipline, over her knee!

Watch as naughty Selena learns she must endure the embarrassment of her first bare bottom spanking, and then tries her best to take it like a good girl. When Ms. Dana decides to break out her straps, she is soon promising to "follow the budget", but still has a long way to go before Ms. Dana is convinced she means it this time.

In order to ensure that he's ready to take over his responsibility of punishing his wife, Ms. Dana asks her son to demonstrate his ability to deliver a good hard spanking. He is more than happy to show his Mom he's been paying attention, and it's another blistering for poor Salena. Afterward, when she's standing with her nose pressed right in the corner, it's obvious she learned her lesson "in the end.

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Ms Dana Specht Stars In Disciplined Daughter In Law Part 1