To Catch A Thief Pt 1

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Food has been going missing from the pantry in Miss Zoe's house and She sets about interogating her servants to discover which is the culprit!  Not surprisingly neither wants to own up or tell on the other but Miss Zoe has the patience of a saint when it comes to spanking a confession out of males and begins her task with relish! 

Of course it does not take very long before one eventually confesses to his behaviour and so Miss Zoe dismisses the other and moves from interogation mode to discipline mode!  And if mike thought that the interogation was tough, this was nothing compared to the inevitable punishment which Miss Zoe dishes out!

Watch in awe and Miss Zoe demonstrates hard FemDom Fm spanking and discipline as it should be done as well as humiliation and general Female Domination

Length: 29m57s