Big Sister

Big sister is played by the beautiful Loren Chance. And the oh so spankable Vanessa as the younger sister. Now what could make a big sister want to bruise up the little bottom of her sibling? How about that she takes their uncle's car for a joy ride without permission. Not bad enough? What if she crashed it into a post and left it there?! Oh yeah, that would do it! Beautiful Loren in her short black leather skirt and the young "teeny bopper" look of Vanessa are a great combination. Big sister doesn't stop with hand spanking over-the-knee, it's off to the bedroom to bring out uncle's discipline equipment. Even the hard wood brush isn't enough for big sister, better apply this long razor strap as well. Maybe even a little caning to finish things off?! These two look really hot together!

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Loren Chance Stars In Big Sister